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Lee Thomas - System Administrator at Multicom Products Ltd

Great course, really helped me get a better handle on Linux. I will be progressing through the others.

Kevin Large - UK Training Manager - WorlSkills UK

I have worked with and taught Linux for over eight years, the majority of my work has been with Debian, Redhat and SUSE in that order. It is so important to have broad base of knowledge. The LPIC certifications tick all of the boxes. I used the LPIC1 & 2 books whilst training my competitor for WorldSkills 2013, he gained the highest point score the UK has achieved in the history of the IT Network Systems Administration competition.

Brocade - Network Provider for Data Centers Everywhere

This is the first Linux Certification I have completed. I found the time invested in this qualification is already paying itself off. The LPIC-1 study guide seems to be a good place to start for the beginner. By downloading a Linux Distribution and getting hands on practice is truly valuable. Reading the book is one thing following it through with a Linux build is another and then finally doing the exam and practising what you learned. I will continue to follow the LPIC path.

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Show that you know how to use Linux. When you have an LPI Certification, you have proven your Linux expertise. 66% of managers believe certifications improve the overall level of service and support offered to IT customers. Similarly, 75% say certifications are important for team performance.

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Find a network of training partners and study resources to help you prepare for your Linux certification exam. The fastest easiest and best way to get Certified is by using a LPI approved Partner.  

2013 Linux Jobs Report

Demand for Linux talent rises again as even more employers say finding those professionals is difficult. There’s Just no substitute for Linux Skills. Read the full 2013 Linux Jobs Report: Pressing Need for Linux Talent at The Linux Foundation.