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Kevin Large - UK Training Manager - WorlSkills UK
I have worked with and taught Linux for over eight years, the majority of my work has been with Debian, Redhat and SUSE in that order. It is so important to have broad base of knowledge. The LPIC certifications tick all of the boxes. I used the LPIC1 & 2 books whilst training my competitor for WorldSkills 2013, he gained the highest point score the UK has achieved in the history of the IT Network Systems Administration competition.
Kevin Large UK Training Manager - WorldSkills UK
James Hazelwood - Would I recommend LPI? Absolutely!
Would I recommend LPI? Absolutely! Linux is now the by far the most ubiquitous operating system on the planet, from the international space station, the internet and on desktop computers, Linux is everywhere. Why would you NOT want to learn Linux. For me the LPI Linux Essentials exam was the perfect tool, it gave me a great point of focus, and booking the exam gave me a target to work towards, as well as the motivation to achieve a pass. The exam objectives took me on journey from understanding what Linux is, to being able to configure Linux systems from the command line. For anyone with even the slightest interest in Linux, I would thoroughly recommend taking the LPI Linux Essentials Exam.
James Hazelwood
I did this course as a validation of my knowledge, as I work with Debian-based NAS products every day. I've learned a lot about the low level stuff and the why (which makes remembering it much easier for me). I can recommend this for anyone starting a career in Linux, as it introduces you and prepares you for different flavours of Linux very well.
Maarten Hoogcarspel Level 3 Technical Support Engineer at NETGEAR

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Show that you know how to use Linux. When you have an LPI Certification, you have proven your Linux expertise. 66% of managers believe certifications improve the overall level of service and support offered to IT customers. Similarly, 75% say certifications are important for team performance.

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