We Recommend LPI Certification

Glasgow Caledonian University

The ubiquitous use of Linux in the world today on all types of devices has placed a demand on educational institutes to embed Linux / Open Source into their academic programmes. Schools use Raspberry PIs to teach computing and here at GCU Linux and Open Source tools are an important skill taught to students in a range of undergraduate courses, for example our undergraduate security programmes which prepare them for industry. We are extremely pleased to now partner LPI.

Verizon Terremark

LPIC 1 - Cheaper than the Red Hat course.

The Piggott School

Linux Essentials is a great course for anyone wanting to brush up on their informal Linux knowledge or want to start learning Linux for the first time. Highly recommended.

Get Certified

Show that you know how to use Linux. When you have an LPI Certification, you have proven your Linux expertise. 66% of managers believe certifications improve the overall level of service and support offered to IT customers. Similarly, 75% say certifications are important for team performance.

Get Trained

Find a network of training partners and study resources to help you prepare for your Linux certification exam. The fastest easiest and best way to get Certified is by using a LPI approved Partner.  

2013 Linux Jobs Report

Demand for Linux talent rises again as even more employers say finding those professionals is difficult. There’s Just no substitute for Linux Skills. Read the full 2013 Linux Jobs Report: Pressing Need for Linux Talent at The Linux Foundation.