We Recommend LPI Certification

The Open University

I am pleased to commend the LPIC 1 certification as an essential starting point for any professional on a Linux based career path. At the UK Open University we have been pleased to link our introductory Linux academic module to the LPIC 1 as this has offered our students potential career enhancement.

Keiran Smith - Recommends LPIC 1

I can highly recommend LPIC 1 as a great entry level qualification into the world of Linux. Although I had extensive knowledge before going through the course I still learned on ways to improve my workflow and it introduced me to some concepts I didn’t think of doing before. LPIC 1 is the ideal qualification for an entry level Linux Administrator or even the Experienced Administrator looking to refresh their skill set and update their knowledge. I am definitely looking to progress to LPIC 2 & 3.

Terrence Houlahan Recommends LPIC 2

Working as a consultant, there’s no guarantee that you’ll work with the same flavour of Linux all the time. This shop might be Ubuntu, the next shop Red Hat… The LPIC certifications require, and evidence, competency with Red Hat and Debian families of Linux. If you have to wear many Linux hats and they’re not all Red, get LPIC-2 certified.

Get Certified

Show that you know how to use Linux. When you have an LPI Certification, you have proven your Linux expertise. 66% of managers believe certifications improve the overall level of service and support offered to IT customers. Similarly, 75% say certifications are important for team performance.

Get Trained

Find a network of training partners and study resources to help you prepare for your Linux certification exam. The fastest easiest and best way to get Certified is by using a LPI approved Partner.  

2013 Linux Jobs Report

Demand for Linux talent rises again as even more employers say finding those professionals is difficult. There’s Just no substitute for Linux Skills. Read the full 2013 Linux Jobs Report: Pressing Need for Linux Talent at The Linux Foundation.