Get LPI Certified

There are many reasons why you should get LPI certified. Certification is a methodology that companies and individuals can use to demonstrate a base set of skills. For an individual it is a method of demonstrating that they have the skills required by the company. Certification is typically used:

  • To gain employment by demonstrating the ability to do the job
  • Increase earning potential by achieving higher levels of certification
  • World wide recognition of your Certification
  • Respect of your peer group

In response to IDC surveys, 66% of managers believe certifications improve the overall level of service and support offered to IT customers. Similarly, 75% say certifications are important for team performance. Source The value of IT Certification – IBM White Paper.

Linux Demand Trend chart provides the 3-month moving total of permanent IT jobs citing Linux within the UK as a proportion of the total demand within the Operating Systems category. Source IT Jobs Watch.

2012 Linux Jobs Report by the Linux Foundation concludes “Strong Demand Drives Higher Salaries, More Perks for Linux Professionals” - salaries for Linux developers, system administrators and those with related skills increased 5% last year, with bonuses averaging about 15%.

Dice and The Linux Foundation have again teamed up to share the hiring forecast for the year ahead. The 2013 Linux Jobs Report includes new data from both hiring managers and Linux professionals. By surveying both employers and employees, the Report provides a comprehensive view of the Linux career landscape, from the business needs driving the demand to the personal incentives that are most attractive to Linux professionals.

  • Demand for Linux talent rises again as even more employers say finding those professionals is difficult
  • Experienced Linux professionals are being aggressively recruited and garnering significantly higher salaries than other tech pros
  • Companies Need Linux Talent, and They Need it Now 93% of employers plan to hire a Linux pro in the next six months
  • There’s Just No Substitute for Linux Skills

Read the full 2013 Linux Jobs Report: Pressing Need for Linux Talent at The Linux Foundation.